Online Car Road Tax Renewal at JPJ affected by technical disturbance at JPJ Cyberjaya

Good day, I was notified by my business associate that online renewal of road tax services at JPJ offices throughout the country was affected since 4.30pm Tuesday 25, November, 2014 due to interruptions at Pusat Data JPJ at Cyberjaya by upgrading construction works in the surrounding area.  The services at JPJ offices went offline and no definite time frame was given as to when the system will  be up and running online smoothly again.

We were affected in the issuance of car insurance policy for our clients since we could not confirm the status whether the insurance records have been updated online with JPJ.  Therefore we could not renew the road tax immediately until JPJ system is online again and fully recovered from the interruptions.

Well, this is just one of the reasons why we, as car insurance agent, suggest to clients to renew the car road tax as early as possible or at least one month in advance as unexpected events can upset our plans and holidays especially now is the school holidays and “kenduris” seasons.

Also, lately, the weather has been unpredictable with raining in the afternoon and causing traffic to slow down and congestion due to flash floods at certain low lying areas.

Hope things will be running online smoothly again at JPJ soon.