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Travel insurance policy can be purchased for travel to overseas destinations or to domestic destination within your home country.

There are two types of policies.

Per-Trip Policy  which covers you for short period of travel usually for not more than 30 days or up to 210 days per travelling trip(one way or return)

Annual Policy which offers a coverage for travelers who travel frequently and at short notice. It is economical to get an annual policy for long period of travel away from your home country but not more than 100 days consecutive from the date of departure from Malaysia

Who can purchase the travel insurance?

All travelers travelling from Malaysia(departure from Malaysia) can purchase (Local and foreigners included).

*The age for you to purchase the Travel Assist Plan from AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad are indicated below as example.  Please check their official website for their latest plans and terms and conditions

a) ages of nine (9) days and above for short term local and overseas travel ;
b) ages of eighteen (18) to seventy (70), with policy renewal up to the age of eighty (80)
for the annual overseas travel.

AIG also have a Travel Guard – Corporate Travel  Assist for Employees Group Travel plan where employees can travel with peace of mind at short notice on assignments by the employer who have global presence

Other Insurers such as Allianz General Insurance Company (M) Berhad have Travel Care plans for Adult, Family and Child

The plans are priced differently for travel to different regions.  Most insurers will have classified the destinations of travel into three regions, namely,

Region 1) Australia, Brunei, China(excluding Tibet and Mongolia), Cambodia, Dubai, HongKong, India, indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macau, Malaysia(west to east and vice versa), Maldives, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, singapore, Sri Langka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam

Region 2) Europe Countries and including Region 1 Countries

Region 3) Worldwide including Bangladesh, Middle East, Mongolia, Nepal, Tibet

Domestic) Within Malaysia or beyond 50km from your place of residence or stay

Other insurers will have more or less the same classification of countries into the same regional destinations. Do check with the proposed insurer if you decide to sign up their plan.

Besides the divisions into regions, most insurers offer the option of two plans which are different from each other in terms of higher coverage limit of liability or sum insured for each category of benefits.  The premium is higher for the higher plan benefits. * Tips, choose the higher limit plan if you have the option especially when you are travelling to a country where the cost of living or cost of medical treatments are extremely high compared to your home country when converted  at the local currency rate of exchange.


1) Coverage for overseas travel shall commence 12 hours prior to your departure from Malaysia.

2) Coverage for local travel shall commence upon the departure from your place of residence
or stay in Malaysia (if different from the place of residence); whichever is later.

3) For travel cancellation, unless due to an Accident, the insurance commences 24 hours from
the date of purchase of the policy and terminates upon the commencement of travel .

4) Claims made for all plans purchased in Malaysia are payable in Ringgit Malaysia(RM). 

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