Car Insurance Malaysia Legal Liability to Passenger & Legal Liability against Passenger

If you drive to Singapore for shopping holidays or visit the Mandai Zoo with your children, your Malaysia Comprehensive Motor Insurance policy also protects your car against road accidents and theft.  However, do add the optional covers for car insurance Legal Liability to Passenger {LLP) and Legal Liability against Passenger (LLP – A) before you contemplate the journey across the causeway or the second link to Singapore Woodlands or Tuas as Singapore Road Transport rules and regulations make it mandatory for your to be responsible for the act of your passengers who may accidentally thrown something our of your car and caused injury to a passerby or the car behind you.

Whether or not you travel in Malaysia or to Singapore or to Brunei, you need the LLP as all drivers have a liability to our passengers while they are on board our cars and met with road accident.  We have a duty of care to them and to ensure their safety.

It is cheap to invest in the optional Legal Liability to Passenger and Legal Liability Against Passenger car insurance riders.  You can add it onto your existing policy by requesting for an endorsement to your policy and pay the additional premium. For a quotation, please contact your existing insurer if your policy is still valid.  For new and renewal car insurance policy quotation, please contact us.  We shall be glad to assist you.

Drive carefully but also protect your passengers and yourself with another Optional cover which is known as Driver and Passengers Protection Personal Accident(DPPA) Insurance policy. Will share with you more about this optional cover in another page.

Most policy owners like to save and cut cost on insurance premium and do away without these optional covers. Incidentally they cut away their protection against financial losses in the unfortunate accident that threatens permanent disability or total dismemberment or death and legal suit by their passengers who could be their loved ones.   Some car owner are willing to spend alot of money on the car accessories makeup for their treasures and luxury but are neglecting the peace of mind of insurance protection against financial losses.

If you are keen to know  more information,  the brief descriptions on the extra perils and optional covers, please contact us.

Remember Legal Liability to Passenger and Legal Liability against Passenger optional covers whenever you renew your Malaysia car insurance with us.

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