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To renew your motor insurance, you will need to know the market value and agreed value of your vehicle.  You need to know the basic data such as the make, model, year of manufacture, the engine cubic capacity.  If you have been an owner of a private car for more than a year with safe driving experience and no claim made against your car insurance policy, you will enjoy No Claim Discount(NCD) or No Claim Bonus(NCB).

The level of NCD entitlement for

Private car                                                                           Private Motorcycle

First year – Nil  or 0%                                                              Nil (0)%

Second Year – 25% (First Renewal)                               15%

Third Year     – 30% (Second Renewal)                          20%

Fourth Year – 38.33%(3rd Renewal)                             25% (Max.)

Firth year      – 45%(Fourth Renewal)

Sixth year     – 55% (Fifth renewal – Max.Level)

You can enquire of your NCD entitlement through Insurance Services Malaysia (ISM) 

If your car windscreen is shattered and broken by flying objects or rocks and you did insure the optional windscreen cover by paying additional premium at 15% of the windscreen value, you can make a repair or replacement claim for the broken windscreen without affecting your NCD level.  However, if your motor insurance policy does not include windscreen cover and you make a claim against your motor insurance policy for the repair of broken windscreen, you will lose your NCD entitlement on renewal date until after the following anniversary year of your claim.

There are plenty of appointed car windscreen repair panel workshops throughout the country that can render their services to you in the event of such emergency.

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