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Goodbye 2014, Welcome 2015 Car Insurance Agent Malaysia|

Dear Friends, Associates and Clients,

Thank you for your kind understanding and supports.  Thank you for your trust in us and for placing your business with us.  It is time to bid Goodbye to 2014 and Welcome the New Year 2015.

My gratitude and appreciations to Mr Fabian Lim and his teams at Click Events for helping me to launch this into the World! Thank you to Mr David Cavanagh too for his coaching on mobile business card to keep us on the go and in contact.

Now everyone can find the best Malaysia Car Insurance Agent to get the best motor insurance policy and services, travel insurance and other general insurance products and services from

We would like to remember the crews and passengers of Malaysia Airline Flight MH370, Flight MH 17 and AirAsia QZ8501 who have been missed deeply by their loved ones. all their families and friends and us.  Our deepest condolence to their families for the loss of their loved ones. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Thank you to the search and rescue teams and also the caregivers for their efforts to bring closures for each of the sad incidents.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our fellow Malaysians in Kelantan, Trengganu, Pahang, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah and Perlis who are affected by floods due to the bad weather and Natural disaster.  May the rescue teams and helps reach you soon.  We shall overcome all the trials together.

May the New Year 2015 bring new hope and be the Best ever for everyone of us anywhere anytime. May His Peace be with you and loved ones and our neighbours.

Welcome 2015.

Best wishes,




Online Car Road Tax Renewal at JPJ affected by technical disturbance at JPJ Cyberjaya

Good day, I was notified by my business associate that online renewal of road tax services at JPJ offices throughout the country was affected since 4.30pm Tuesday 25, November, 2014 due to interruptions at Pusat Data JPJ at Cyberjaya by upgrading construction works in the surrounding area.  The services at JPJ offices went offline and no definite time frame was given as to when the system will  be up and running online smoothly again.

We were affected in the issuance of car insurance policy for our clients since we could not confirm the status whether the insurance records have been updated online with JPJ.  Therefore we could not renew the road tax immediately until JPJ system is online again and fully recovered from the interruptions.

Well, this is just one of the reasons why we, as car insurance agent, suggest to clients to renew the car road tax as early as possible or at least one month in advance as unexpected events can upset our plans and holidays especially now is the school holidays and “kenduris” seasons.

Also, lately, the weather has been unpredictable with raining in the afternoon and causing traffic to slow down and congestion due to flash floods at certain low lying areas.

Hope things will be running online smoothly again at JPJ soon.

Mudah Kira Insurans Kereta dan Motosikal buat Road Tax baru dan NCD online

Apa Khabar Kawanku,

Selamat Datang ke laman web Jika kamu sedang mencari jawapan tentang insurans , syabas!. Anda telah lawat ke tempat yang benar-benar di cari sekian lama.

Kami adalah wakil insurans yang berlesen dan berdaftarkan nama Psalm Agency yang berurusan dari Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.  Kini kami mengambil kesempatan untuk meningkatkan lagi aspirasi dan misi untuk memberi perkhidmatan nasihat dan maklumat tentang produk-produk dan ciri-ciri insurans yang kami sediakan  kepada anda, pelanggan kami, dan komuniti perniagaan dan perdagangan di negara kita Malaysia dan juga warga antarabangsa  .

Kami berharap lawatan anda ke laman ini dapat memuaskan anda dari segi maklumat dan perkhidmatan yang dilayani oleh kami. Anda boleh guna fungsi Google Translate untuk penterjemahan Bahasa Inggeris ke Bahasa Malaysia kerana terdapat laman-laman web kami yang ramai berbahasa Inggeris. Juga terdapat perisian Google Translator Toolkits untuk alih bahasa bagi memudahkan ahli-ahli perniagaan yang buat bisnes. Anda juga dialu-alukan untuk hubungi kami terus melalui talipon atau emel.

Kami pohon agar anda sentiasa sihat dan selamat serta Tuhan memudahkan rezeki anda selalu.

Salam sejahtera dari kami.

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Car Insurance Renewal and Road Tax Services Online by Psalm Agency


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