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Beach Holidays
Beach Holidays

When planning your holiday trips to another country, make sure the top item on you checklist of things to bring along is your International Passport and the relevant VISA document if it is an accompanying requirement for your host country.

  • Of course, bring along your money, be it cash money or currency of that country you are visiting.  If you do not wish to carry a fat wallet stashed with physical notes and coins, your can carry your authorised bank Credit Cards such as VISA and Mastercard to help you in settling your purchases while overseas.  In the past decades, traveller’s cheques were quite popular with tourists as they travel to far far away countries with paper notes that can be exchange at leading banks and hotels for local currency of the host countries they are visiting. It is safe and secured to use as it needed you signature on purchase of the traveller’s cheques and countersign when you cash it and write the payee’s name on it.
  • Even before you travel out of your home country, check your exchange rates with your local banks so that you bring enough money for your travelling expenses.
  • If booking for air-tickets, hotels lodging and local tour package inclusive of food and meals can be done online before you step out to the airport, you should make the arrangement and book early as most airlines, hotels and tour operators offer early birds discount which could save you a huge amount of money that can be save for you to buy some lovely souvenirs for yourself.
  • Now that you are ready to pack your luggage with your clothes and toiletries including some moisturisers and sunscreen or sunblock if you are going to beach or going to be out in the sun for most of the day, please think of your footwear too as to which comfortable pairs of shoes most suited for your journey and adventure.
  • Okay, this is not a blog on travel tips.  This is a page on Tips on Travel Insurance Malaysia most wanted claim benefits by travellers.

Travel Insurance Malaysia plans are either for per-trip (one way or return) policy  or an Annual policy.  The Annual policy is suitable for frequent travellers who travel out of country for at least more than 5 to 10 times a year and/or who actually have to stay or be away from Malaysia for more than 30 days.  Know why?  That way you maximise your Ringgit spent on Travel Insurance Malaysia and get the best benefits and high protection out of it.

Another tip for you is to determine the region that you travel frequently to so that you pay the lower premiums to get full milestone coverage . Travel Insurance Malaysia Policy pricing are conventionally based on three regions.

The three regions are :

1) Asia Pacific countries including Australasia but excluding North Korea

2) Europe and including countries in region 1.

3) Worldwide – Canada and USA , Middle East countries (excluding Israel, Palestine, Syria and countries at war), Bangladesh, Nepal, Tibet, Inter and Outer Mongolia and other countries in the African and South American Continents.

Classification of countries into regions may be slightly different for different insurance companies.  Please check with your Travel Insurance Malaysia agents.  If you are non-Malaysian citizens travelling from Malaysia to any other destinations, you can purchase Travel Insurance Policy from Malaysia but the repatriation and evacuation benefits will mean that insured will be sent to Malaysia instead of your home country.

If you need to get Travel Insurance policy for your employees who have to render services and supports or attend business meetings and conferences, we have the perfect Group Corporate Travel Insurance plan for you too.

Two most important things that you need to have handy for Travel Guard assistance are the Travel Insurance Policy number and the 24 hours Helpline Contact number.  Third important phone number is your country’s Embassy Office telephone number in the host country in case of an emergency.

For fast claim Travel Insurance Agent Services from Penang, Malaysia, ask

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