Houseowner and householder insurance policy Malaysia

There are three types of fire insurance policies for residential property which you can buy to protect your home.

Basic Fire Policy

Basic fire policy will covers for building only due to loss or damage by fire, lightning and explosion caused by gas used for domestic purpose

Houseowner policy

This policy provides additional coverage compared to basic fire policy.  It includes loss due to flood, windstorms, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, aircraft damage, impact by any road motor vehicles, burst pipes and etc.

Householder policy

This policy covers your house contents such as household goods, money and jewellery and personal effects against the fire damage and other perils, burglary and robbery, fatal injury to you and your personal liability to others.

In Malaysia, the fire insurance premium is tariff rated.  Only other classes of insurance which are packaged to your householder policy such as burglary and robbery, money insurance, plate glass or personal liability are non-tariff.

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