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Motor Insurance covers your vehicle be it a private car, a motorcycle, a commercial lorry, a taxi, a bus, a limousine, a forklift, a backhoe or even a crane that has motorised engine.

In Malaysia, motor insurance is popularly known as Car Insurance as most of the population in Malaysia own cars.  The West has called their car automobiles and over there, motor insurance can be called auto insurance.

In the US and other countries, insurance for motorcars  and motorcycles and all motorised vehicles is Motor Insurance.

Any name you call it, when you drive a car or any motorised vehicles, or ride a motorcycle in Malaysia, you are required to have motor insurance to protect your car or vehicle against damage and theft and also to protect the public.

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Motor Insurance or Car Insurance Malaysia

When you are buying a new car or used car or second-hand car, you need to register your ownership with the Road Transport Department or locally know as Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan or JPJ for short.  It is compulsory for you to purchase the car insurance from any of the  intermediaries such as Insurance Agents, Insurance Brokers or Financial Advisor or direct from Malaysian registered insurance companies licensed by BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA under Insurance Act 1996 and under its regulatory Financial Service Act 2013 and Islamic Financial Services Act 2013.

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