Online Car Insurance Renewal Notice| Road Tax Renewal

With the new generation, insurance information are readily accessible at the fingertips as most people do have smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops and many other gadgets that are just one click away anytime anywhere.  The good news is that the gadgets get smarter with the apps and friendly social media ease of going viral.

Hopefully, everyone is happy as the digital gadgets get fancier and cheaper by the day.  Insurance can help reduce and relief the pains of losing your assets to snatch theft and burglary break-ins at home residences and business shops and offices.

While you and your family go to work and/or on holidays away from home for a long period. We have the house-owner and householder policy package to protect you home, money and personal effects in case of fire and break-ins or robbery.  No worry, be happy. You will never walk alone with us around you.

Now our postmen are delivering the letters less and less but more and more on courier service.  So, as agent in the insurance industry, I also jump on making our presence in the digital world.  I have to learn new way of prospecting and closing deals as fast as striking the iron when it is hot.

Gone were those days when we sent insurance renewal notice by posting the hard copy to clients’ home and offices to remind them of their expiring car, personal accident, house-owner and householder insurance, professional indemnity insurance, fire insurance and golf insurance policies.

We send e-letter of notification and online Insurance Renewal Invitation to our clients who can get our message anytime to renew their insurance with us promptly. Less papers usage and wastage and less chopping of trees meant we are indirectly helping to save our environment. However, the impact is indirect on the snail mail postage which has been rising tremendously as Pos need to find new avenue to generate revenue to cover their rising overhead cost.


Rain or shine, our car insurance renewal reminder service will keep you satisfied and no more worry about lapsed policies. We also help you to renew your road tax timely to avoid the hassle of long hours of queuing . We have solutions for all your insurance needs.  You can count on us.  You will never walk alone.

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