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Employees are the greatest human capital a successful organisation could have beside having a large cash reserves and the fixed assets and movable assets such as company cars and lorries and office, furniture, fixture and fittings, machinery and equipment.

Your management would have insured all the risks of potential financial losses for damages to the aforesaid non-living assets as a result of some industrial hazards, natural disasters and man made errors.

Protect your key-persons and the industrious employees whom you nurtured and helped you grow into successful conglomerate and earning profits for you.

It only cost a little fraction of your financial budget for the entire company to have all your healthy employees insured and make them happy to work for you for the long term as the benefits afforded by the insurance policy can entice them to stay with you rather than jump ship to join your competitors where they lose seniority and sense of belonging in the corporate caring community culture..

You provide them with good health care and group personal accident insurance program and they will reward you richly and handsomely. There will be a predictable cost that you can budget annually for the medical expenditures with the group employee medical insurance in place.

Hospitalisation cost and medical consultant fees are rising rapidly. Disability and illnesses will potentially affect productivity and morale of the team members.  You hear ambulance wailing its siren and wonder what happens next like the Korean drama next episode thriller.  Do not let this unsettle you or or your esteemed company.

Our group employees program which indemnify the medical visitation and specialist consultation fees during in-hospital treatments. Anaesthetic fee, operating theatre fees and surgical fees, nursing care and pharmaceutical expenses and dressings are fully reimbursed withing the stipulated limit of coverage. It can be tailor-made to suit your budget and meet your needs exceedingly.

Preventive care benefits are also packaged to cover your most precious human capital and resources. We have the best panel of hospitals and medical claim team to assist and look after your employees.

Please contact us for enquiry and quotation.  For quotation, please let us know the details such as the number of employees, the occupation class and industry, the average group age of employees, as to any pre-existing conditions and claim history, the nature of existing coverage and your expected benefits and budget.,

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