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In Malaysia, all motor cars, motorcycles and other motor vehicles need to renew road tax to be on the road. Before you renew road tax at JPJ or Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (Road Transport Department) offices, you need to purchase a motor insurance policy from insurance  agent for Malaysia.  The Malaysian motor insurance  policy coverage is valid also for driving across countries to Singapore and Brunei Jurisdictions.

For Private motor cars and motorcycles, you can choose to renew road tax  for six(6) months or twelve(12) months period.  JPJ is using computerised  database for all the Malaysian registered vehicles to update the road tax renewal records.  As such, all insurance companies in Malaysia underwriting motor insurance or car insurance as it is popularly known here in Penang and other places in Malaysia, have to capture the details of the motor cars and motorcycles and other motor vehicles to match with JPJ’s database of the registered vehicles like:

1) Car registration number such as PLY8888 (for Penang State registered vehicle) or BG1(for Selangor registered vehicle) or W9999W (for The Wilayah Persekutuan or Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur).

Type of license plate Layout
Private & commercial vehicles ABC 1234 or W/Q/SAB 5678 C or KV 6789 B
Taxi HP 1234 or HB 5678
Military ZA 1234
Temporary A 3215 A (W/TP 3215 for Kuala Lumpur)
Diplomatic corps 12-34-DC
Royals and government (Full title) such as DYMM Raja Perlis

Note: All Malaysian registered cars will have alphanumeric registration numbers with prefix of one letter and/or up to three letters of the Alphabets  serial  excluding letter “I”, “O” and “Z” followed by numerals from 1 to 9999.  The Alphabets for the States and Federal Territories in Malaysia are as following:

PERLIS state – R

KEDAH state – K

Pulau Langkawi, Kedah – KV and KV1111A

PENANG state – P

PERAK state – A

SELANGOR state – B

WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN OR Federal territory of Kuala Lumpur(KL) – W or W####W


MELAKA state – M

JOHOR state – J

KELANTAN state – D


PAHANG state – C

SABAH state – S

Federal Territory of LABUAN- LA####

SARAWAK  state – Q followed by Division like “A” and “K“for Kuching or “M” for Miri  and the numerals example QA11  or QK#### or QM##

Federal territory of PUTRAJAYAPUTRAJAYA####

Others special plates are BAMBEE#### or G1M####

Trailer – T/A####

For Taxi, prefix H represent Hire car while the next alphabet represent the state where the taxi is registered.  Example HP 1234 is a taxi registered in Penang while HB1234 is a Selangor registered taxi.

2) Name of Registered Owner (Individual or Company)

3) Identity card number(Malaysians new ID or Passport number(for foreigners) or Company registration number

4) Engine Number

5) Chassis Number

6) Cubic Capacity (c.c.) or Tonnage

7) Make

8) Model

9) Year manufacture

10) Body type – Saloon or Hatchback or  Pickup and etc

11) Type of use – Private or Commercial

12) Number of seats

13) Hire Purchase(Name of Financial Institution)*

14) JPJ K2 Card serial number**

15) Type of fuel – Diesel or Petrol***

* , ** and *** are optional fields

Type of fuel and Cubic Capacity of the Engine will have a bearing on the rate of road tax payable.

JPJ is continuing to upgrade its system and has outsourced to POS and MYEG for renewal of road tax.  Its latest service enhancement is the JPJ Kiosks located at its premises which functioned like ATM machines as it allowed the private car owner or its representative or insurance agent to renew the road tax by self-service. Simple steps such as by inserting your Malaysian ID card and digital verification of thumb print or by pre-approved agent’s code, then select whether self or representative and then key-in the registered owner’s ID or company registration numbers and the vehicle’s registration number.  After that, you can choose to pay by credit card or bank debit card by inserting into the merchant card slot and follow the instruction to key-in your pin. For successful transactions, you will be issued the online road tax instantly and have the option to print a copy of official receipt.

Tips: Please remember to bring along your ID card and credit card or bank debit card and write down the name and ID number of car owner and car registration number to speed up your flow of transaction processing.

Renew Road Tax JPJ Kiosk
Renew Road Tax online at JPJ Kiosk self-service by

Note: The payment by credit card is limited to road tax amount not more than RM300.00  and it does not require your PIN. However upon successful payment, your card issuer will send a confirmation via Short Messages(SMS) to your registered phone number.

If that is still too troublesome for you to travel to JPJ or POS to renew your road tax, you can choose to use the online services on your computer or smartphone.  Of course, the price for convenience comes with a fee of up to RM10.75 for services and delivery within a certain area of service and time elapse. At least, you need not pay for petrol and/or tolls, the wear and tear to your car tyres and engines or risk wasting time caught in traffic jams plus the queuing at counter or kiosk or get frustrated because your car got blacklisted  due to unpaid traffic offences and you cannot renew the road tax until the summons are settled.

Note: We suggest that you renew your car road tax and car insurance or motor insurance policy as early as one month ahead or two weeks before the expiry of both the insurance policy and road tax to avoid any unexpected delay like computer system failure or offline in the chain of networks within the insurance companies, Insurance Services Malaysis(ISM) for NCD confirmation and JPJ or even the banking system if payment involving banks and/or the ISP system downtime.

We are your choice insurance agent and representative to renew your car insurance online and to renew car road tax online for you in Malaysia especially in Penang Island and Seberang Perai or Province Wellesley on the Mainland.  If you like us to renew it including fast doorstep delivery to your home or office  or factory at Bukit Minyak Industrial and Penang Science Park at Batu Kawan or at Penang International Airport, Bayan Lepas or at Penang Port at Butterworth or you want to pick it up at your favorite “mamak” stalls or “gerai kopi”  or “Kopitiam” or Chicken Rice Shop or Nandos, or Sakae Sushi or Sushi Zento or Sushi King or Burger King  or even at your karaoke or snooker entertainment center or at banks within Penang Island and Province Wellesley or at shopping malls like Sunway Seberang Jaya or at Paragon at Pulau Tikus or at Gurney Plaza, or at Queensbay Mall, or at AEON Jusco or at Tesco or at Giant or at Econsave or at Mydin and at  Billion Supermarket, Kota Permai or even at the hotels like Eastin, G Hotel, Evergreen Hotel , Cititel, E & O Hotel and/or Equatorial Hotel at Bukit Jambul if you are at a meeting or by the poolside or at the golf club, we can renew car road tax online in Malaysia for you.

Outstation delivery is via MYEG or Poslaju services.  With,  now everyone can pay  affordable fee for car insurance renewal and renew car road tax online fast while enjoying  the conveniences of our services as we deliver just the way you want it.  Please contact us for quotes.





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