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Here is a summary of the travel insurance benefits which an insured person can make a claim in the event of the happening of the covered incidents during the period of insurance and it falls within the travel insurance policy terms and conditions of purchase from insurance companies in Malaysia.

Section A

1) Medical Expenses for accident and illnesses while overseas

2) Medical expenses in Malaysia

3) Daily Hospital Income

4) Alternative medicine ( such as Traditional Chinese Medicine-TCM  e.g. Accupunture)

5) Emergency Medical Evacuation and repatriation of Mortal Remains Unlimited

6) Compassionate Visit a) due to hospitalisation and (b) due to death

7) Child Guard

Section B

Personal Accident Benefits due to Death and Dismemberment(Extended to cover Terrorism, hijack, natural Disaster) – Insurance company will pay the death benefits sum insured of the plan selected to the nominated next-of-kin or in case of dismemberment, the total or portion of benefits will be paid to the insured according to percentage of the personal accident benefit schedules for body parts dismemberment.

Section C

Travel Inconvenience and Other Travel Related Benefits

1a) Travel Cancellation – A token sum is paid for the cancellation of your flight as you could be having some emergency incident at home like a flood hitting your house and/or a life threatening accident or illness befalls your immediate family member that you need to be by the hospital bedside.

1b) Travel Curtailment – It can be an event that happened at the port or country of your arrival where the State has declared a closure of their air-space or no landing rights are granted and the  plane have to turn back or diverted due to the happening of natural disaster like earthquake that make it unsafe for all to travel to that country or region.

2) Travel Delay benefits as in a standard policy will be payable  after six (6) hours and thereafter every six (6) hourly consecutive up to maximum limit as specified in your policy whereby the insured can claim the benefits and need a written confirmation from the airline or airport authority certifying the delay.

It will pay higher sum for Common Carrier Flight delay while the the benefit is lower for Chartered Flight delay.

3a) Travel Re-route – A re route of your flight may cause delay which can exceed six (6) consecutive hours.  This re route can be due to many reasons. It is done for the safety of the airline’s passengers, especially the flight has to avoid a certain path due to bad weathers and or war zone and/or no-fly air-space,

3b) Travel Overbooked – A token sum is paid as benefit when you are not able to fly on the flight which you are supposed to be aboard but because it was overbooked

3c) Travel misconnection – one of the key feature that are not included by most insurers while the good ones will pay up to amx depending on whether it is overseas or domestic.

3d) Missed Departure

A token sum is paid for every six(6) consecutive hours of delay*

Note: some insurers may fixed the period at every eight(8) consecutive hours.  Subjective.

4) Baggage delay pays more for overseas but a lower sum if it happens in Malaysia

5) Damage or loss of baggage and/or personal effects due to theft or negligence of common carrier – usually it happens when you waited for a while for your baggage which never appear to be ready for you to collect at the collection area. Please go to lodge a report with the airline customer service counter or the lost and found counter at the airport. You will be given a form to fill to officially lodge the report.

a) Baggage damage – a fixed sum per baggage.

b) Loss of Baggage and/or Personal effects- capped at a maximum sum insured per item.  Some insurers have sub-categories for Laptop and/or golf sets.

6) Loss of Travel Documents due to Theft – pays for the cost incurred incidental while lodging at hotels and for meals provided for the extended stay overseas pending the application for temporary travel document for passage back to home country.

7) Loss of Money due to Theft – usually a token lump sum is paid to insured.

8) Personal Liability up to say RM1,000,000 for causing injury to Third Party Bodily Injury or Third Party Property Damage.

9) Home inconvenience allowance due to Theft – A token sum is paid to the owner of the house who suffered losses due to theft while away on holidays.

The proposed insured are advised to read not only the brochures but also the products and services disclosure for more information.  Please ask for a sample copy of the policy wordings if you want to be assured of what you have bought into and examine the terms and conditions carefully.

All Travel Insurance Policy issuers are supported by a  chain of global network of call centers operating 24 hours a day,  7 days a week and 365 days a year to assist customers and policyholders to get help when needed like asking for the weather conditions of the destination and assistance on where and which nearest hospital to seek professional medical treatment.  There are service providers which are  ever ready to help the insured to evacuate in time of emergency.

Tips – Do write down in your travel log or save in your electronic gadgets the designated hotline for travel assistance and also the phone number of your country’s embassy or representative office in the country you are visiting as you may need it most if you have lost your travel document or need to evacuate to another country nearest for medical treatment or repatriate mortal remains.

Tips – Do write down your next-of kin contact number who are not travelling with you on your contact log book or save in your gadget as there is a chance that we may need them to assist you in emergency medical evacuation.

Know the international emergency dialing code 112 for GSM mobile, 911 or 999 for the designated country you are visiting.

Tips – In the event of a claimable situation arising while you are still away from Malaysia such as flight delayed or baggage delayed upon arrival at destination for more than six (6) hours, you have to get the essential confirmation reports from the local airport customer service counter or the ground crew of your airline in that country after you lodge a complain report with them.

Retain all your flights check-in tickets confirmation and also your baggage check-in retrieval tags and any receipts of your clothing purchases or hotel lodgings.  When you return home to our beloved Malaysia, you are advised to submit the airport confirmation report of the flight or baggage delay and your travel documents and original receipts as evidence to proof you have a valid claim and to speed up the settlement of claim to you.

Again with today’s smartphone technology and gadgets, you can immediately scan or capture an image of those receipts and reports to avoid dispute or delay in processing due to misplaced or missing or incomplete documents submission and save it and then upload or email to the insurance company for their records.

Tips – Notify  your Travel Insurance Agent immediately of a claim and ask your agent to help you complete the claim form and submit to the Claim department upon your return home to Malaysia. You can even request the 24 hours Travel Guard Call Centers to contact your family members or your travel insurance agent for assistance when there is an emergency to assure them of your safety and changes in your travel plan due to outbreak of dreaded contagious disease like Ebola or Natural Disaster like Flash Floods and Earthquakes or Civil Unrest in your host country.

Contact us if you need an online Travel Insurance Policy quotation from us or renew your car insurance and road tax Malaysia.

Bon Voyage.



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