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Malaysia has seen economic growth in the past decade as a developing nation in the ASEAN Region and there is a demand for domestic servants to manage the daily house chores and be caregivers to young children and sick aging adults as most young working class opt to earn a living in the cities and work in offices.

Under the Employment of Foreign Workers’ Act, employers can be charged for illegally employing or illegally deploying a foreign domestic maid. The penalty for illegally employing a foreign domestic maid without a valid work permit is a fine up to RM10,000 or 5 years imprisonment OR both fine and imprisonment, and shall also be liable to whipping of not more than six strokes. In addition, the errant employer will be permanently debarred from employing a foreign domestic maid.

With the influx of the Domestic Maids and Servants mostly from neighbouring South East Asian Countries,  most insurance companies  with headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have designed this Domestic Maid Insurance Scheme policy to provide the Employer with financial compensation for accidental bodily injury or death to the servant.

It pays for repatriation expenses in cases where the maid or servant died due to accident or mishap or due to illness . It also pays for hospitalization and surgical expense when the maid is undergoing treatment at Malaysian Government Hospitals and the weekly indemnity benefits when the maid is unable to work due to the injury sustained in an accident.

Here are the benefits offered under this scheme:

• Personal Accident Insurance
• Accidental Dealth & Permanent Disablement
• Medical Expenses
• Repatriation Expeneses
• Hospital and Surgical Benefit
• Weekly Benefits

To enroll for the Domestic Maid Insurance Scheme or Domestic Servant Insurance Scheme, the employer will need to submit their personal details together with the maid’s or servant’s valid passport and work permit as evidence for the application.

In the event of a claim, usually the employer will arrange with the servicing agent to process the claim and submission of the medical reports and medical bills.

From  Bukit Mertajam Penang, Malaysia, we offer our services to employers at anywhere in Malaysia via online insurance portal supported by our principals.

If you are looking for General insurance Agent in Malaysia for Domestic Maid Insurance Scheme or Domestic Servant Insurance Scheme policy, please contact us.


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